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Porsche 993 Turbo Speed Yellow

Year: 1997

Mileage: 84,000 km

Prior Owners: 3

Features: Great & rare Color Combination, Sports Seats, Technically Perfect

Price: 124,993 Euro

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT

Year: 2013

Mileage: 5,000 km

Prior Owners: 0 (only Dealer Registrations)

Features: 1 of 500, Condition as New, First Paint, No Accident, Rare Color and Alcantara Seats

Price: 239,500 Euro

BMW Z8 ex Gerard Butler

Year: 2001

Mileage: 37,000 km

Prior Owners: 2

Features: Last Owner Gerard Butler, Great Condition, Accident Free

Price: 269,500 Euro

Maserati 3500 GTI by Touring ex Alfonso Morini

Year: 1963

Condition: Excellent

Restoration: 2013-2018

Features: First Owner Commendatore Alfonso Morini, Great Condition

Price: 319,500 Euro

Lancia Flaminia Touring GT

Year: 1961

Condition: Excellent

Restoration: 2013-2017

Features: 1 of 863, extensive Restoration costing more than Euro 50,000

Price: 109,500 Euro